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By Women, For Women, With One Goal

Helping Women Succeed As Dentists

Led by Dr. Azy Nasiry and Dr. Arezoo Nasiry, Empower Practice Inner Circle (EPIC) is a collective committed to supporting and empowering women in dentistry.

You want more patients and revenue, but it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Meet EPIC.

Running a dental clinic is hard. Doing it as a woman is even harder, but it doesn’t have to be.

EPIC exists to facilitate guidance and mentorship from women dentists, for women dentists.

You already work hard to grow your dental clinic – EPIC helps you work smarter, giving you access to a network of dental professionals with proven expertise on how to effectively manage a profitable dental practice and establish a strong base of loyal patients.

Our Support, Your Success

EPIC isn’t about making waves in the industry or assembling a team of experts. It’s a collective of women dentists guided by the belief that they should be able to help each other succeed and lean on each other for support.

Connecting You with Qualified Mentorship

Joining the EPIC group on Facebook puts you into an open forum where you’ll receive personalized, expert attention directly from Dr. Azy and Dr. Arezoo as well as other women dentists who have been in your shoes before.

Learning from the Nasiry sisters, you’ll be able to tap into the insights and expertise of two dentists who have:

30+ years of combined dentistry knowledge

Find out what works – and what doesn’t. With over three decades of dental experience to draw on, you’ll be guided how to find success as both a business owner and a clinician.

Proven success in one of the world’s most competitive markets

Learn how to fend off the competition. Among hundreds of competing practices, the Nasiry sisters persisted until they found success. With their guidance, you’ll do even better.

Multiple postgraduate specializations

Make those years of school pay off. When is it worth it to specialize, and how can you make your skills more marketable? Let the Nasiry sisters show you how to differentiate your practice.

International experience with a leading dental implant specialist

Bring international perspectives to your practice. Pick up techniques for patient care and marketing that go beyond the familiar conventions of American markets.

Teaching expertise from UCLA and WREB Success

Stay in touch with the latest dental developments. The world of dentistry is always evolving with new tools and methods. Make sure your practice doesn’t get left behind.

Hybridge Certification

See how to leverage 3rd party certifications. Understand when it makes sense to earn them and how to highlight them for maximum returns on the time and money you’ve invested.

Our Vision For EPIC

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Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings keep your finger on the pulse of the dental industry. Stay on top of the latest dentistry trends and swap notes on how to overcome some of clinic ownership’s most daunting challenges.
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The Sisterhood of Bright Minds

There’s strength in numbers – and smarts too. Whether it’s for business management, dentistry, or just professional support, you’ll be among dentists just like you who are committed to succeeding as a collective.

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On-Demand Training

Instantly match your clinic management problems with effective solutions. That’s the value of our on-demand training and resources, which give you qualified guidance on what you need, when you need it.
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Plug-and-Play Clinic Resources

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? Use our ready-to-go templates and tools to achieve great results without hiring expensive freelancers or spending hours building materials from scratch.

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Annual Revitalization Getaways

Taking a step away from your clinic can give you new perspectives. Join your sisters at an annual retreat, where you’ll experience the wholehearted camaraderie and support that comes with being part of the EPIC family.

From Stress to Success: The EPIC Story

Broke. Stressed. Directionless. Before we began working together, running a dental clinic felt like treading water, but having the support of a sister changed everything.

There was less stress, more motivation, and revenues grew by six figures – all without spending a second more on running the clinic.

EPIC is our way of creating a bigger, better sisterhood.

One that can provide you with the guidance and resources that we wished for at the beginning of our journey in dentistry. That means no more trial-and-error or figuring things out as you go along – just proven methods from successful dentists and influential industry experts.

Take the stress out of clinic ownership.

EPIC can help you maneuver past the toughest roadblocks on your path to dentistry success.

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5 Tips to TRIPLE Your Profits In your Dental Practice​​

Being a woman dental practice owner is a challenging journey, especially as a mother.

You are not alone and we’re here to help you. I’d like to share with you five challenges and solutions that I’ve faced to grow my dental practice in a competitive market in LA.

Arezoo Nasiry