A Workshop for Dental Business Plans

Her Practice, Her Business

We’re helping women dentists earn more and stress less.

Mid or end of July 2021

(exact date TBD)

How much?
$25 per person

You’re a dentist, an entrepreneur, and a woman.

That means you have a lot to be proud of – and a lot on your plate, too. We’ve been there ourselves, and that’s why – woman to woman –

We want to make your journey easier.


Where to cut, what to add, how to do it – all the process tweaks that have helped us grow into a multi-million dollar practice.

We’ll do that by teaching you how to streamline the business side of your practice.

Let's talk specifics.

In 90 minutes, you'll learn

How to manage overhead and improve profitability

How to set meaningful goals and bonuses

How to find - and keep - great staff to support you

How to add new procedures to boost productivity

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Join us, learn what works, and start applying it to your practice.


Who are we?

We’re Dr. Azy Nasiry and Dr. Arezoo Nasiry.


We’re the founders of Empower Practice Inner Circle (EPIC) and, like you, we’re women dentists with our own practice – one that we’ve built from the ground up in the fast and fickle LA market.

Through decades of working hard, taking risks, and overcoming barriers, we’ve created a sustainable multi-million dollar practice that rewards us for doing what we love, and we want you to have that too.

Why listen to us?

Because you’re tired.

Tired of feeling like you aren’t getting the returns you should be on the countless hours you pour into your practice

Tired of being stretched thin because people look to you for everything and you can’t pass the torch to your team.

Tired of not having enough time to focus on being an amazing dentist for all the people who trust you with their smiles.

And, unlike any of the written guides or blogs you’ll find online, we’ll be connecting with you live, so you’ll get real-time answers to all your burning questions about running a practice.

The Agenda

Presentation (1 hour)

Overhead management (15 mins)

Staff management and organization (15 mins)

Setting goals and bonuses (15 mins)

Adding new procedures to improve productivity (15 mins)


Q&A (30 mins)

Join our sisterhood.

Women are the future of dentistry.

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