Our Story

When I was starting out as a dentist fresh out of dental school, there were several challenges that I faced. I have always been a very ambitious person and I decided to start my own dental practice based in Los Angeles. For the first eight years of my practice, I was working by myself. I ran into financial, emotional and business-related problems that left me struggling to make ends meet.

When you own your own practice and work in the dental industry, there are some very unique challenges that you’ll face, especially as a woman and a mother. We created this inner circle mentorship to create a sense of community with other women who also struggled and succeed on the dental market in Los Angeles.

The idea of EPIC is to create a strong sisterhood community and help each other with our experiences and struggles. If you also want to:

  • Help people starting out in the industry by sharing experiences
  • Share support, knowledge, and encouragement
  • Let you know that you’re not alone and that you can do this!

Join our community by submitting the form. We will be contacting you soon with more information about our first main event, to be held this year in Los Angeles, California.

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5 Tips to TRIPLE Your Profits In your Dental Practice​​

Being a woman dental practice owner is a challenging journey, especially as a mother.

You are not alone and we’re here to help you. I’d like to share with you five challenges and solutions that I’ve faced to grow my dental practice in a competitive market in LA.

Arezoo Nasiry