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5 Key Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

Reflecting back on the time when I first opened LA Dental Clinic (over a decade ago – wow, time sure flies!), it still amazes me that it’s become the success story that it is. Knowing what I do now, I was practically clueless from a business standpoint back then – I wasn’t sure where to start or how to attract patients to my dental clinic. I have learned many things from working with different marketing agencies over the years and I have been able to dramatically grow my business as a result. I want to share the 5 key aspects that worked when marketing my clinic that I think every dentist should use to get started. 

1. Update Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront and most potential leads these days will initially discover your dental clinic by searching online. That is why it is so important to set a good first impression with a modern, user friendly website that is easy to navigate. You want your site to clearly educate your potential clients on your services, your mission statement and your clinic. 

You also want to make it easy for leads to contact you, and locate your office if they are interested in booking an appointment. A website re-design is one of the first steps to successfully marketing your dental practice. Think about it this way, you will be directing potential clients to your website from all of the other marketing channels, be it social media, Google Ads or your email list. This is where clients will get to know you and determine whether or not you would be a good fit as their dentist. Take the time to make your website a unique reflection of yourself and your clinic. 

2. Social Media Presence 

People of all ages are on social media these days and if you have not set up accounts for your dental clinic, it’s time to get started. All of the mainstream social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube have options for business accounts. You can see useful insights such as user engagement, demographics and key days to post within your social accounts. 

In order to attract new patients to your dental clinic, think of your social media channels as an extension of your website. They are a place to connect directly with your clients, show them your clinic and post behind the scenes content. Show your potential leads what it is like to visit your clinic, the atmosphere and staff. Do not be shy on your channel and get creative with posting video content, images of the clinic itself, before and after photos of clients and client reviews. Your social media channels are an extension of you and your voice online, so be sure to post frequently and use this free marketing resource to your advantage. 

One excellent way to grow your social media accounts online, once you have created profiles and started posting consistently, is to experiment with cross promoting. If there is a local business or influencer in your area that has a large social media presence, see if they can feature you on their accounts by running a special offer or promotion specifically through your social channels. This is a great way to gain local exposure and get in front of leads who may be interested in your dental clinic. 

3. Ask for Online Reviews

A 5-star review on Google can make a huge difference when clients are deciding which dental clinic to choose. Reviews have become much more important in recent years and they play a big impact in client decision making. They offer the social proof that many patients look for when they are making a buying decision. Just like when you are shopping online, or trying to determine a new restaurant to visit, you check the reviews to learn more about other people’s experiences at that establishment, or with that product. 

There is a saying that people only leave reviews when they have a bad experience, and for many companies, a collection of negative reviews can cost them business, and even put them out of work. An excellent way to combat the naysayers, or beat them to it, is to ask your patients for reviews online after they have visited your dental clinic. This way, you have a steady stream of reviews coming in from all of your patients. If you do happen to get a low review online, be sure to reply to it and address it publicly. This shows that you care about your clients experience at your clinic and are willing to rectify the situation. 

4. Create a Monthly Newsletter 

A monthly newsletter is a great way to market to the clients that you already have. It is also a way for interested clients to learn more about your dental clinic before booking an appointment. Be sure that your website has a clear form to sign up for your mailing list, and gather the emails of your existing clients, with their consent, to start advertising to them via email. 

Sending out monthly newsletters is a great way to start marketing to your mailing list. You can update your leads on any news going on in the clinic, exclusive promotions you are offering and important updates as needed. You can also take it a step further and use email marketing as a way to remind patients about their upcoming appointments.  Email marketing is a simple way to stay connected to your patients and keep top of mind. 

5. Digital Advertising on Google 

There are many ways to promote yourself online but advertising on Google is one of the fastest and most time tested methods of attracting interested new patients to your business right away. Google Ads are based on the concept of user intent. You need to think carefully about what someone will be searching online when they are looking for a good dentist. 

When someone searches “dental emergency” chances are, they are in need of a dentist right away. Likewise, when someone searches “family dentist in Los Angeles” it is likely they are looking for options for a new long term family dentist. Depending on the clients you are looking to attract, you can set up your ads to rank for different terms that are relevant to your business. 

You can create Google Ads so your dental clinic will show up as an option in search results, and get in front of patients who have a high intent to visit your clinic. Most people do not scroll past the first page on Google, and if you are a new clinic, chances are, your website will not be ranking organically on the first page in search results. Google Ads are an easy way to get around this dilemma, you can pay to be first for certain key terms potential clients are searching. You will show up front and centre online. 

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Those are the top 5 best ways to market your dental practice in the modern digital world. If you are interested in learning more about the things that I did to market my clinic in Los Angeles, be sure to download and read my e-book and visit EPIC: Empower Practice Inner Circle. It’s completely free and was designed to help dentists and owners like yourself make informed decisions when navigating the world of business and lead generation online. Boost your clinic’s bottom line today with EPIC. Join our official Facebook group to learn more.

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