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Dr. Arezoo Nasiry

Dr. Azy Nasiry

Owning a dental practice is much more than JUST dental work (what is learned from school). It includes many moving factors inclusive of running a business. Hiring staff, managing clients (intake/retention) and managing internal business operations. These are all factors that need to be managed while also taking care of one’s own personal life.

My sister and I were tired of lack of resources and guidance for women dentists. We decided it’s time to create a go-to resource for women with a dental practice. Empower Practice Inner Circle (EPIC) is a mastermind group for women dentists. The purpose of this organization is to build a support network for women dentists to share knowledge and experiences in growing their dental practice.

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5 Tips to TRIPLE Your Profits In your Dental Practice​​

Being a woman dental practice owner is a challenging journey, especially as a mother.

You are not alone and we’re here to help you. I’d like to share with you five challenges and solutions that I’ve faced to grow my dental practice in a competitive market in LA.

Arezoo Nasiry